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Thistle window cleaning is based in Piara waters a short 5-minute drive from Canningvale.Paul the owner Operator at Thistle has over 15 years window cleaning experience, cleaning commercial and residential properties.At Thistle, you can be guaranteed of a professional window cleaning service every time and be confident that Thistle ... More

Thistle Window Cleaning – Number One Window Cleaning Service in Perth

There are over two million people living in Perth and the surrounding areas. To us, that statistic simply means that there are a heck of a lot of windows that need cleaning! Accordingly, there are also plenty of professional window cleaning companies operating in Perth. We’re confident in saying, however, that Thistle Window Cleaning is one ... More

Window Cleaning Perth Offices

Affordable Perth Window Cleaning Services for Offices & Commercial Property Businesses all have windows on their buildings, and all of these windows need regularly cleaning!The importance of keeping the windows of your commercial property clean cannot be overstated. First of all, it’s common knowledge that in any business where ... More

Get Perth Homes / Business Ready for Clean Windows

It’s spring time, and that means… spring cleaning! Windows aren’t the first thing that come to mind when getting your home spic and span, but here at Thistle Window Cleaning, they’re all we think about!We offer the best window cleaning services in Perth – both for residential and commercial window cleaning. All of our techniques ... More

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Hire the Best Home Window Cleaners in Perth

The title says it all! Here at Thistle Window Cleaning, we provide the best window cleaning services in Perth! With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Thistle Window Cleaning has made making the windows of Perth shine.Since we’ve been at this job for so long, we’ve cleaned every type of glass you can imagine, and have made ... More

Spring Window Cleaning, Perth WA

It’s spring time here in Piara Waters, Canningvale, and Harresdale! – and that means one thing – time to let in the sunshine! Your home’s windows need scrubbing, and Thistle Window Cleaning is here to provide the best possible window cleaning experience you’ve ever had.Thistle Window Cleaning are skilled professionals that love ... More

Don’t Neglect Your Windows During Your Cleaning!

Here in Harresdale, Canningvale, and Piara Waters, we can experience some pretty extreme weather. While we move into cleaning season, why not give Thistle Window Cleaning a call to help you with your exterior windows?A lot of home owners often think about cleaning their windows, and either decide to attempt the cleaning themselves (which ... More

Make the eyes of your home sparkle for spring!

Most of us take pride in keeping our houses neat, tidy, and clean enough to pass the “white glove treatment”. However, sometimes, we overlook the biggest part of our home - our windows! No worries - Thistle Window Cleaning has the answer. We proudly serve the areas of Dalkeith, Cottesloe, City Beach, and Applecross, and leave clean ... More

How important are clean home windows, really?

The short answer to this question is very important. Thistle Window Cleaning wouldn’t have over 15 years experience if window cleaning wasn’t an important part of home ownership! Cleaning the windows of your home shouldn’t be low on your “to do” list; but we understand that the task isn’t always fun.That’s where we come in! ... More