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Benefit your business with Perth winter window cleaning

The most successful businesses are the ones that look well-maintained. Clean windows play an integral part in maintaining that look however they can be difficult or even dangerous to clean. This is why regular, professional window cleaning is so important. See below for some of the benefits of hiring a professional commercial window cleaning ... More

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Benefits of having clean shop front windows

Customers are attracted to things that catch their eye. When people are walking down the street past your store, you obviously want them to see what’s inside- whether it’s clothes, your gourmet coffee menu or your bakery items. If they can’t see into your store to get a good look at what you have to offer, chances are they won’t ... More

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Reliable Commercial Window Cleaner Perth WA

Thistle Window Cleaning is the #1 window cleaner in Perth and the surrounding areas. We have been cleaning the windows of both residential and commercial properties for almost two decades, including some of the leading shops, cafes and restaurants in Perth.Over the past 15 years, our client list has been steadily increasing, which means ... More

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Best Commercial Window Cleaning City Beach, Perth

There’s nothing less attractive to a potential client or customer than an unpresentable business. The need for window cleaning in City Beach is evident. Imagine you’re headed to the office of a financial advisory firm for an important meeting. You’re a potential client and have been looking for the right person to help with your ... More

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Best Home Window Cleaning Service City Beach

How Thistle Window Cleaning Provides the Best Residential Window Cleaning in City Beach We are highly experiencedAs a homeowner, the decision to hire someone to work on your home is not one made lightly. You need to know that they are trustworthy and up to the task. Thistle Window Cleaning provides the best window cleaning in City Beach ... More

High commercial window cleaning service Perth.

Perth Businesses Need to Re-Prioritize Window Cleaning

Did you know that if Western Australia was its own separate country, it would be one of the 50 biggest economies in the world? Pretty cool! And, of course, there’s no doubting that – as the capital and biggest city – the economic powerhouse of Perth drives the entire state forward.Simply put, that means there’s a heck of a lot of ... More

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Why Thistle is Perth’s Number 1 Commercial Window Cleaner

With over two million people living here in Perth, and a powerful economy, one thing is for sure: there are a whole lot of businesses in the city and, in turn, a whole lot of commercial windows that need cleaning!We here at Thistle Window Cleaning aren’t the only geniuses to have worked this out, of course. If you’re looking for ... More

Best Home Window Cleaning Company in Perth

When you live in a city like Perth, that has over 2 million residents, it means there are obviously a lot of houses. To us, that in turn means one thing: lots and lots of windows that need cleaning! We’re fully aware that in a city the size of Perth, with so many lovely residential areas, there are a lot of residential window cleaning ... More

Why You Can 100% Trust Thistle with Your Windows

When it comes to quality, there’s not even a question: we firmly believe that we offer, hands-down, the most effective residential window cleaning service in all of Perth. We won’t go into details here. We’ll simply ask you to browse our website, paying particular attention to our testimonials. Instead, what we want to concentrate on, ... More

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Ten Interesting Facts about Glass Windows

Most of you look through a glass everyday. In fact, your very phone screen is made out of glass… if you haven’t notice.That aside, our window cleaning team placed together some interesting facts about glass. 1. Glass can also be known as liquid sand. Why?     To get glass, extremely high temperatures are applied to melt sand and ... More