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Best Home Window Cleaning Company in Perth

When you live in a city like Perth, that has over 2 million residents, it means there are obviously a lot of houses. To us, that in turn means one thing: lots and lots of windows that need cleaning! We’re fully aware that in a city the size of Perth, with so many lovely residential areas, there are a lot of residential ... More

Why You Can 100% Trust Thistle with Your Windows

When it comes to quality, there’s not even a question: we firmly believe that we offer, hands-down, the most effective residential window cleaning service in all of Perth. We won’t go into details here. We’ll simply ask you to browse our website, paying particular attention to our testimonials. Instead, what we want to ... More

Ten Interesting Facts about Glass!

Most of you look through a glass everyday. In fact, your very phone screen is made out of glass… if you haven’t notice.That aside, our window cleaning team placed together some interesting facts about glass. 1. Glass can also be known as liquid sand. Why?     To get glass, extremely high temperatures are applied to ... More

Window cleaning in Canningvale

Thistle window cleaning is based in Piara waters a short 5-minute drive from Canningvale.Paul the owner Operator at Thistle has over 15 years window cleaning experience, cleaning commercial and residential properties.At Thistle, you can be guaranteed of a professional window cleaning service every time and be confident ... More

Thistle Window Cleaning – Number One Window Cleaning Service in Perth

There are over two million people living in Perth and the surrounding areas. To us, that statistic simply means that there are a heck of a lot of windows that need cleaning! Accordingly, there are also plenty of professional window cleaning companies operating in Perth. We’re confident in saying, however, that Thistle Window ... More

Window Cleaning Perth Offices & Commercial Property

The business scene in Perth is absolutely thriving, with thousands upon thousands of different companies operating in our great city. Regardless of the services they provide, all of these businesses have something in common: they all have windows on their buildings (assuming they’re not underground, anyway), and all of these ... More

Get Perth Homes / Business Ready for Clean Windows

It’s spring time, and that means… spring cleaning! Windows aren’t the first thing that come to mind when getting your home spic and span, but here at Thistle Window Cleaning, they’re all we think about!We offer the best window cleaning services in Perth – both for residential and commercial window cleaning. All of ... More

Hire the Best Home Window Cleaners in Perth

The title says it all! Here at Thistle Window Cleaning, we provide the best window cleaning services in Perth! With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Thistle Window Cleaning has made making the windows of Perth shine.Since we’ve been at this job for so long, we’ve cleaned every type of glass you can imagine, ... More

Spring Window Cleaning, Perth WA

It’s spring time here in Piara Waters, Canningvale, and Harresdale! – and that means one thing – time to let in the sunshine! Your home’s windows need scrubbing, and Thistle Window Cleaning is here to provide the best possible window cleaning experience you’ve ever had.Thistle Window Cleaning are skilled profess... More

Don’t Neglect Your Windows During Your Cleaning!

Here in Harresdale, Canningvale, and Piara Waters, we can experience some pretty extreme weather. While we move into cleaning season, why not give Thistle Window Cleaning a call to help you with your exterior windows?A lot of home owners often think about cleaning their windows, and either decide to attempt the cleaning ... More