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Top 10 Tips for Spring Cleaning!

Spring has arrived in Perth! It is the perfect time to reorganise your home, and let your house shine. Our window cleaning team has put together the perfect tips for getting your home ready!Make sure you are prepared to get messy! Get your cleaning products, bin bags, storage containers ready. Take down one room at a ... More

Best Home Window Cleaning Company in Perth

When you live in a city like Perth, that has over 2 million residents, it means there are obviously a lot of houses. To us, that in turn means one thing: lots and lots of windows that need cleaning! We’re fully aware that in a city the size of Perth, with so many lovely residential areas, there are a lot of residential ... More

Why You Can 100% Trust Thistle with Your Windows

When it comes to quality, there’s not even a question: we firmly believe that we offer, hands-down, the most effective residential window cleaning service in all of Perth. We won’t go into details here. We’ll simply ask you to browse our website, paying particular attention to our testimonials. Instead, what we want to ... More